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Leading providers of soil, plant, animal
& human technology, programs & products

4Seed & Nutrition can truly provide an independent service for clients tailored to their needs

With 4Seed & Nutrition you’ll get the most experienced and knowledgeable team who will offer the most helpful and trusted advice.  How are we different from other healthcare professionals?

All our information is based on decades of experience and research.  Our lead consultant, Dennis Nieuwkoop, provides  a holistic approach that embraces his farming background and extensive expertise in farming.  From soil management, through pasture growth and animal nutrition, Dennis’ deep understanding of virtually all aspects of nutrition is invaluable.

Our advice and products give practical solutions that are easy to incorporate into your life.  We also consider the whole process of life and living – where does your food come from?  Did the soil provide ideal conditions to produce the best possible sustenance?

We aim to give you the tools and education to make a big difference on your life!

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