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Our Products

Plasma Biotec Solutions


Are Dry Fertilizer blends, tailor made to meet with your soil, crop or pasture needs as well as your budget.


Is a blend of Fine Lime plus minerals designed to your properties needs and applied in a slurry form with a unique and patented application system by helicopter primarily to hill country but also larger flat land properties, this system is capable of high volumes applied cost effectively. This approach can provide a generous amount of Calcium an element required for all life forms plus a range of minerals can be added in a form that promotes healthy plant growth and improves animal performance.


Our “pureNplus” Liquid Nitrogen blends are uniquely formulated to provide a stable soil friendly Nitrogen that promotes healthy plant growth for longer.
We formulate “pureNplus” blends to suit various pasture applications and crops
Premixed with 100% solubility for a “No Hassle” application. Can be tank mixed with most chemicals.


A high quality Soluble Potassium Humate derived from Leonardite with a minimal 80% water soluble, 10% Potassium K2O, 65% Humic Acid.

Benefits of applying Soluble Humates are:

1.    Promotes beneficial fungi (including VAM)
2.    Stablelises Nitrogen and improves N efficiency.
3.    Complexes Phosphate to reduce lockup (ideal with DAP/MAP).
4.    Natural chelating agent to help magnify nutrient absorption.
5.    Increases permeability of cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40%.
6.    Contains auxin like growth promotants.
7.    Can be used to detoxify chemicals and heavy metals.
8.    Has a CEC of 450, which aids in moisture and nutrient retention.
9.    Promotes better seed germination.
10.  Microbe friendly.

Supplied in either a soluble granule form (25kg bag or tonne lots)
Or as a 12% Humic Liquid formulation


  • Soluble Kelp and seaweed extracts can provide a comprehensive range of minerals, vitamins and growth promotants such as auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins along with soil conditioning agents. It is also known that plants treated with seaweed products develop a resistance to pests and diseases. Can also be feed directly to animals.

Mycorrhiza Fungi:

  • Mycorrhiza are symbiotic associations that form between the roots of most plant species and fungi.
  • Mycorrhizal fungi release powerful chemicals into the soil that dissolve hard to capture nutrients such as phosphate.
  • Produces glue like substances called “glomalin” that binds soil aggregates and improve soil porosity.
  • Mycorrhizal roots systems increase the absorbing area of roots 10 to 1000 times there by greatly improving the ability of the plants to utilise soil resources.

Fulvic Acid:

  • This product has a phenomenal nutrient loading capacity with a CEC of 1400.
  • Has a unique capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements.
  • A natural chelating agent with rapid entry through plant cell walls.
  • Enhances cell division and elongation.
  • Detoxifies pollutants in the soil. They absorb poisons and catalyse the rapid break down of toxins.
  • Builds Brix levels in plants which become less prone to wilting.
  • Responsible for an increase in stomata opening and transpiration.
  • Influences numerous enzymatic processes.
  • Enhances photosynthesis.
  • Increases the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients.
  • No with holding periods.

Our Networks

Lake View helicopters

The product is applied in a slurry form by an advanced patented bucket technology slung beneath a helicopter able to apply desirable rates of nutrients with a high degree of GPS accuracy, efficiency and ease. Lake View Helicopters… employs Independent consultants to help you develop a Farm Nutrition plan, provide recommendations with costing to meet the soil needs and farm budget.



Farmers Feedback

We work very closely with the farming community to get them the best results at the best price. And when you keep your customers happy, word gets around.


"I have applied fine particle fertiliser to 2 separate properties in 2 totally different locations and climates. I have seen vast improvements in grass quality over a short period of time"
Nic Tizard


"I must say that our stock health, thriftiness and ability to graze evenly along with far less dagging at weaning, shearing and tupping have partially been put down to the lime plus concept"
Graeme Wedd (Rotoma Station)


"Clover growth has increased and soil worm activity has definitely improved. Stock health is a lot better, with less dags in ewes and lambs, and better bodyweights being achieved in all classes of sheep and beef"
Dave Scott, Farmer (1990ha Hawkes Bay)


"The property blooms in winter, gets off to a quick start in spring and holds out longer into the summer with clover now growing on southerly faces. Stock health is the big winner with few dags on sheep meaning less work"
John Foster, Farmer (740ha Hawkes Bay)


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